Practical information

Sign-up form: Click this link

Fill out this form if you want to be in the stage group: Additional form for the stage group.

When: 14 September 2024 from 10:00 till about 23:00

Where: Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands

What: Musical LARP set in the days of 1933 just after the Nazi rise to power and the last days of the Weimar republic. Full day of play including workshops. Nordic Style characters with pre-written relations and a personal dilemma.

Costs: 110,- Euro / Supporter tickets 130,- / Sponsor tickets 90,-

Language: The characters, workshops and the game will be written and played in English.

Food and drinks: Lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the ticket price. This includes juice and milk during lunch. Every ticket comes with two drinks included. Extra drinks can be ordered and paid for at the locations bar.

9:30 venue opens
10:00 start workshops
12:30 getting ready time
13:00 act one (lunch starts)
15:00 act break
15:30 act two
19:00 act break
20:30 act three
22:00 end of game

*subject to change

Sign-up and casting process

You sign-up for the lottery by filling out the form that will be available starting January 29th at 20:00 CET

The form will stay open until the 5th of February 23:00 CET

After the form closes every participant will receive a list of sign-ups. There will then be a 7 day flagging period where players can be flagged if needed. After that we will have the lottery.

If you receive a spot at the larp you will be sent a private link to our ticket provider.

Around the 1st of march we will send you a shortlist with 3 to 5 characters that suit your preferences. You will then be asked to send us a top 3. We expect to have the final casting done by the end of March.


The spaces we are playing in are part of a larger events venue located in a historical building. We are therefore dealing with some accessibility challenges. We have tried to provide information that is as complete as possible so you can make an informed decision on whether this larp will work for you. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to message us. The in-game and workshop spaces are on the first floor of the venue and accessible by elevator. There is also a wheelchair accessible bathroom on the same floor. The main playing space includes the stage which is on a riser and unfortunately has no ramp (it's two steps to get on the stage.) The bar area in the main space is also on a slightly elevated level (one step from the floor.) The off-game changing room is on the second floor of the venue and only accessible by a fairly steep staircase. The accessible bathroom can be used instead or you can get changed in one of the smaller play spaces or in-game backstage areas.

Food/dietary restrictions

We will be using the caterer that works with the venue. They can accommodate most allergies. We ask you for allergies on the lottery form so we can contact you if we are unsure if the venue can accommodate you.