Characters for the larp

We are currently working hard on finalizing the characters and groups. The full cast should be available around the first of March

The characters for Cabaret are prewritten and transparant. This means that you can read all the other character descriptions if you would like to do so. This is not mandatory to play the larp. The characters will be approximately 2 or 3 a4 pages in lenght.

A character will contain several bits of information:

Personalia: this section will contain (amongst other things) the characters name, approximate age, the gender and sexuality they percieve themselves as and their job description

Core conflict: every character has a core conflict that describes their internal or external conflict. For example; personal ambition vs. friendship. This core conflict is what will drive the characters actions and choices at the larp.

Background: the background describes who they are and where they come from.

Relationships: every character comes with a bunch of pre-written relationships. These can be both positive and negative and are written to drive play.

Your core group: All characters will be part of a core group. The core group is their closest circle of friends in the larp. They have similar interests and basically like each other, even if there can be some tension between the members. They can always hang out with people in their core group.

Some examples of core groups:

At the Ballet

Everything is beautiful at the ballet, even though the beauty that was Berlin is about to crumble. You all work at The Silhouette with keeping the guests entertained and thirsty. You all also have in common that you are the ones in the background, no matter if it’s the dressing room or the chorus line. But not everyone can be a star, although that doesn’t mean that some should be. And not be…

La Resistance

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And you are the reaction to the nazi rise to power. You all come from different walks of life but are united in the sole purpose of making sure that the Nazi-party and its lackeys will pay for what they have done. The stakes are high and none of you have any illusions on how the Nazi’s would treat you if you would be exposed. But when that day come, you will raise your hand and remember the words; For, though you die, La Resistance lives on...

The Cabaret Organisers

Even though the Weimar Republic is crumbling and the Nazis are getting harsher in their hunt for deviants and untermenschen your motto still is that the show must go on. You are the ones that have made sure that The Silhouette was a success, and now you are the ones trying to keep her, and therefore a part of the old Berlin, alive. But how much can be compromised before that spirit is lost and the light of the lavendel nights fades into darkness? And what are you willing to pay before that...

The Culture Workers

The politician uses the truth to tell a lie, and the artist uses a lie to tell the truth. But whose truth and what is more important, the truth or to be able to tell at all? You are bound together as artists on a stage that has changed significantly, and the question haunting you now is who the fat lady is and will her last song be an aria - or a dirge?

The Nazi Footmen

Let the politicians talk and the scientists debate. You all know that the streets are where the battle rages and the war is fought. And you will be there to raise the flag of National-Socialism and crush anyone in your way beneath your steel-clad boots.

The Starving Friends

Starving for friendship, starving for acceptance, starving for love, starving for ones art or just starving? This little circle of friends have found a common ground in their longing for something to call home. Someone said it’s better to be alone in a group then on one's own and you all finds solace in each others company.