Do I have to perform/sing

Although performances are a huge part of this larp performing solo is not mandatory. There are three types of performances in the larp:

  • Solo performances by player characters (musical meta-numbers). These are optional and you can let us know in your sign-up sheet if you want to do this.
  • Act finales; everyone at the larp will take part in these. Some solo bits are set before the game but everyone is expected to join (like a background choir.) Lyrics will be provided before and during the larp.
  • Group performances; these will be done by the stage group. They will be rehearsing regularly before the larp and help set the tone of the event. You do not have to be in the stage group to play a performer.
  • Will a costume be provided?

    You will have to provide your own costume for the larp. We will have a Pinterest board available soon that might be helpful as inspiration.

    Can I apply for a sponsored ticket

    The short aswer is; yes.

    The long answer: we do not check whether you deserve a sponsored ticket. We believe that players can decide for themselves whether they are the target audience for these tickets and believe that they will be used fairly.

    How do I get to the venue

    The easiest way to get to the venue is by car. Their is ample free parking space around the venue.

    For those coming in by public transport. The closest major trainstation is Breda. There is a bus that goes from the station tot the venue at least once per hour. Right now it's too early to say something about the shedule at the time of the larp. We recommend players try to arrange carpools from nearby stations and will mediate if neccesary.