What is expected of you

If you are a participant without a meta-number and no special function

These are your personal contacts, the members of your core group, and the members of your social circles. (These roles are casted separately.)

  • Get yourself a costume, and possibly a hairdo and makeup.
  • Speak to your in-game relations in advance to decide how you want to play on the contact in the larp.
  • Attend your social circles pre-game online meet-up. We will pre-work some relationships there.
  • Show up at the pre-larp work on time.

    If you have been assigned a musical meta-number slot

      • Select a song to perform as your musical meta-number (you will get an organiser contact to help you with this)
      • Practice your song in advance! You will need to know it very well.
      • If you want to: practice how you want others to help you perform your meta-number (you will get some tips on how to do this as well)
      • Attend the pre-game workshop we are organising (online)

      If you are part of the stage group that sings and dances on stage several times during the larp

      • Please see the page on the stage group